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Create a digitized museum experience with Zengo

One of our credos is to help present Hungary’s cultural values and Hungarian life with the most modern technologies and tools available. We make the visitor experience of tourist and museum attractions interactive with touchscreen games, mobile applications and various VR / AR solutions. Our film studio prepares widescreen films, image videos, drone footages and print materials to help with the realization in all media formats. Our main goal is to create exciting interactive exhibitions that offer a unique and lasting experience to all age groups.

Petőfi 200 VR application


The aim of the exhibition was to present an interactive, exciting program that provides a unique experience for a wide range of age groups. We created three Szeged-themed attractions for the visitors: an extra-wide touch wall and an interactive table, accompanied by a widescreen historical film and mood video from our film studio.


Feedback from clients who deal with visitors

"In the tourism tender submitted to Nagyér village on May 25, 2019, Zengo opened several new fronts to drive the project to success - with flawless performance!"
Tibor Lőrincz
– Mayor of Nagyér
The cooperation is excellent, this is a flexible and friendly team. We wholeheartedly recommend them to museums, visitor centers, and tourist destinations.
Júlia Nagy
– managing director, InnoTime Hungary Kft
(...) the specialty of the games was the application of technical innovations in addition to interactivity, which provided a very exciting learning opportunity for the young age group, who growing up in front of computer.
Mónika Rostás
– exhibition place manager, Móra Ferenc Museum
"(...) they managed to bring to life the holographic image of primitive animals, greatly aiding in the interpretation of the Miocene primeval world. (...) playful animation of contemporary and prehistoric life on the 7-meter-wide interactive touch screen also touches visitors, or vice versa. For sure, children and their parents alike will be amazed in front of it."
Imre Szarvas
– regional officer, Bükk National Park Directorate

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