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Train your staff economically anytime, anywhere. Keep your know-how.

The problem with most training systems is that know-how is lost with your trainers. Specialty trainings are expensive, constrained by: trainer schedules, machine availability and the potentially dangerous training scenarios. Yet there’s no guarantee for your employees’ engagement.
A VR training system changes that. Instead of expensive, constrained and mildly engaging training courses, you get a virtual environment where trainings have almost no boundaries. Your knowhow is retained in the VR training system by codifying tacit knowledge. Making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Why is VR training more advanced?

Today, e-learning primarily deals with semantic, fact-based human memory. With the addition of VR and AR, there is now the possibility to activate the experiential and motor areas of the brain as well. Participants remember a course as they would recall a real, past event. This ultimately leads to a more successful training.

Numbers in Science

The recent study on VR soft skills training by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) showed astonishing results compared to traditional learning methods. Their findings concluded that learners felt more attuned to the content, used skills with more confidence and completed their training faster.
Faster completion of the training vs. in the classroom
more confidentiality in applying new skills
more focused than their e-learning peers
PwC's full study can be read here:

VR was also found to have a very positive impact on mood, with participants having an overall increase in positive emotions and an overall decrease in negative emotions. (...) This suggests that using VR headsets can have a positive impact on the learning experience.

- from the study of University of Warwick, England

The full study can be found here:

The better method

The corporate know-how, the corporate knowlegde is valueable.
How much is it worth for a company to preserve it's knowledge, to automatically transfer it and to have an objective evaluation system of what has been learnt?
With the help of VR we can check the knowledge of our colleagues every year - ensuring with this that everyone remembers all important steps.
In reality, dangerous situations are often impossible to train to or come with significant installation and travel costs. Due to restrictions specific learning aspects can be carried out only once.
By using VR any situation can be safely practiced anywhere, even with unlimited repetition, which is one of the key components of succesfull learning.

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