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The FDM/FFF printing process

2023. 05. 03.
Zengo Blog - The FDM/FFF printing process
In our previous post we took a dive into one type of 3D printing, composite printing, which is mostly used in big scale industrial printing. However, it is important to consider not only the final product, but the process which usually starts with an idea.

Unreal Engine 5.2 or the era of Procedural Content Generation

2023. 04. 23.
Zengo Blog - Unreal Engine 5.2 or the era of Procedural Content Generation
The latest version of Unreal Engine, version 5.2, is about to be released very soon. The update contains several new features, some of which already seem like they will have a great effect on the market. Version 5, released in 2022, brought many new functions in the game engine, like Lumen and Nanite. The latest version brings updates to these and the entirely new framework, PCG (Procedural Content Generation). will be introduced too. In this post we’ll be focusing on this new framework, and we’ll be briefly looking at the two other features mentioned before.

Ilyen volt a 2023-as SZTE Tavaszi Állásbörze

2023. 04. 20.
Zengo Blog - Ilyen volt a 2023-as SZTE Tavaszi Állásbörze
Az állásbörzék mindig izgalmas lehetőséget kínálnak a vállalkozásoknak, hogy bemutassák magukat és kapcsolatba lépjenek a potenciális munkavállalókkal. Nincs ez másképp a mi esetünkben sem, ezért most is részt vettünk a Szegedi Tudományegyetem Tavaszi Állásbörzéjén.